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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel with Additions in Modern Home

Before and After Floor Plans

Before and After Floor Plans

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Partnership project as Oikos with Annitella Porges Kiriakou
Orinda, CA

The house was unique but outdated. The challenge was to make the house feel fresh, open, bright and connected to nature. Our goal was that any new element should grow out of the old ones. The smooth extension of the ceiling and roof over the added kitchen and bath areas makes for a seamless addition.

Although the house had a dramatic sweeping high ceiling, it was dark and the kitchen was tiny.

The house had meditative quality that is preserved and enhanced by connecting the interior to the exterior in an uninterrupted flow.

Placing the wall of the main working kitchen counter as close as possible to the rocky hillside and maximizing the glass area of this wall, creates the relaxing sensation of cooking outdoors.

Separating the Master Bath from the outdoor patio with only a wall-to-wall sliding door drops all the barriers to the outside. This further defines the interior as an exterior space.